Travel by bus in Lincoln over Christmas

Discover when the buses will be running over Christmas including pauses in service, extra buses and how to catch the shuttle buses to the Lincoln Christmas Market.

Disruption to Stagecoach Buses in Lincoln


Recently Stagecoach in Lincoln have been cancelling departures for some bus services every day as they try to navigate the nationwide driver shortage problem affecting the transport and logistics industry.

Easter bus services in Lincoln 2021


Bus services to run at a reduced timetable over the Easter weekend. Take a look at when your bus is running.

Catching the bus over Christmas in Lincoln 2020


Get the bus in Lincoln during Christmas, Christmas Eve, Boxing day and New Year with these Christmas bus timetables and the last buses of the day.

Stagecoach uses 'BUS FULL' signs when covid limit reached


Plan ahead as bus full signs means you cannot get on the bus when covid limit is reached.

Minibus service helps those with mobility issues to travel in Lincolnshire


DialaRide is seeking funding to keep its minibuses running for passengers with mobility or age related issues.

Christmas Buses and Lincoln Christmas Market 2019 Guide


Your comprehensive local guide to catching the bus over Christmas and taking shuttle buses to and from the Lincoln Christmas Market.

Easter Bus Services 2019 in Lincoln


Your bus service might run on revised times over Easter 2019.

Stagecoach to increase bus fares


The fare increase will affect passengers with day or weekly tickets but there’s good news for those who buy the megariderconnect, a ticket that allows passengers to travel all over the East Midlands throughout the week.