About Lincoln Bus

To put it simply, Lincoln Bus is a service to help you get the information you need to catch the bus.

This is your one-stop place for getting the information you need to catch the bus in and around Lincoln with departure times, timetables, service updates, advice and news.

Lincoln Bus is an independent website meaning we don’t operate the buses or act as an authority. Information provided on this website is carefully selected so that it is as accurate and up to date as possible with agreements in place through various sources.

Established in 2016, Lincoln Bus began as a small project with the aim to provide an alternative means of getting information on catching the bus all in one place but has since grown exponentially were tens of thousands of bus passengers use Lincoln Bus for timetables and planning.

Lincoln Bus is always striving for development with more tools and apps to help bus passengers in the UK. Take a look at our sister website, Skegness Bus for catching the bus in Skegness.