Lincoln Remembers Queen Elizabeth II 1926 to 2022

In their own words, the people of Lincoln came together to remember Her Majesty and pay tribute to Her incredible 70 years of reign.

Her Majesty had been in our lives throughout all significant events in Britain for the last 70 years during times of crisis like the coronavirus pandemic, and in times of celebration such as the recent Platinum Jubilee.

We asked those living in the city of Lincoln and the wider Lincolnshire area to talk about where they were when the news broke and how Her Majesty The Queen’s passing felt for them.

"I heard the news 2 days into a holiday. I served The queen for 24 years as a Soldier in the Army. She was a great Lady and will be sadly missed. But she is safe now with her husband. Love to them both."

"Queen Elizabeth has been Central to my life. Being born in 1959 to parents who had the greatest love and respect for The Royal Family I have spent my life watching and appreciating the hard, diligent service that The Queen has carried out constantly for all of her people. God bless The Queen. Good save The King."

Her Majesty in Auxiliary Territorial Service April 1945 Auxiliary Territorial Service April 1945

"I heard the news on the same day that she passed away, I am very sad, She is an icon for independent women and She is the head of our familes, a mother of the people."

"Queen Elizabeth The Second has always been a part of my life since I was born in the 1960's. I have always followed news events about her on the television since I was old enough to understand about The Royal Family. I remember fondly making hats and decorating our bikes ready to celebrate the silver jubilee in 1977. We had a lovely street party in the close I lived in with family and neighbours. I have always enjoyed Her Majesty The Queen's Christmas speeches over the years, she was like extended family in our lounge room. It has always been a comfort having The Queen there through all traumatic events in the decades. It was wonderful to watch Her Knight Sir Captain Tom Moore. I really enjoyed The Platinum Jubilee celebrations this year, especially her Paddington sketch. She had an amazing sense of humour, what with her James Bond sketch too ten years ago. It was devastating to hear the news of her passing, I have cried several times. Queen Elizabeth The Second was a wonderful lady what a glorious long reign she achieved. May she rest in peace with her dear late husband The Duke of Edinburgh. My deepest sympathy to all members of The Royal Family."

Her Majesty greets employees of NASA in 2007 Her Majesty greets employees of NASA in 2007

"I heard the news when I was watching the news to catch up on how The Queen was doing when I heard she wasn’t well. Then they announced her death. I was 2 when she came to the throne. Such a lovely lady, I gave my oath to serve Her and Her heirs when I joined the WRAF in 1970, I didn't serve for long but I will honour that oath for a lifetime. God Bless Her, may She Rest in Peace."

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Traveling by bus to watch The Queen's cermonies

If you are thinking of watching Her Majesty's state funeral here in Lincoln or elsewhere and are thinking of traveling by bus, be mindful of service disruptions and delays during the day. Some bus operators will not be running at all while others will be running a significantly reduced service. This is a fluid event with many local changes happening at short notice and we are striving to keep our information up to date and accurate, but please contact your bus operator on the day of travel to avoid disappointment.