DialaRide on-demand accessible transport

DilaRide is a charitable minibus service helping those who find it difficult to access Lincoln because of mobility issues related to health or age. In addition to a minibus, DialaRide also comprises of a mobility equipment shop and voluntary car service for passengers who are outside of the six mile catchment area.

DialaRide Minibus

The DialaRide minibus service costs £12 per person to register onto the serivce and is available to passengers who live within a six mile radius of Lincoln and is able to provide transport to anywhere in the UK for any reason providing that a DialaRide volunteer is available for the job.

For most journeys DialaRide requires 7 days’ notice and for a trip that is over 15 miles they require notice as far in advance as possible so that they can arrange a volunteer driver. DialaRide offers return journeys so that passengers can be picked up to be taken back home.

Payment is made to the driver in cash and charges are usually £2 to cover up to 2 miles and then £1 per mile. Carers can accompany the passenger for an additional fee of £1 for each trip. Passenger Assistants are also available by DialaRide for an additional charge of £1 per trip.

Voluntary Car Service (VCS)

Outside of the 6-mile catchment the VCS comprises of over 22 voluntary car schemes in Lincolnshire for single and return journeys. The cost of these journeys varies depending on the volunteer. To keep the price as low as possible, DialaRide will look to getting a driver as close to the passenger’s location as possible.