Stagecoach to increase bus fares

Stagecoach to increase bus fares

Stagecoach will increase some of its bus fares from 1 April 2019 in keeping with their annual fare review.

The fare increase will affect passengers with day or weekly tickets but there’s good news for those who buy the megariderconnect, a ticket that allows passengers to travel all over the East Midlands throughout the week.

Below is a summary of the fare increases.

  • dayrider will increase from £4.40 to £4.50.
  • megarider will increase from £13 to £14.
  • megariderconnect will be reduced from £38 to £30.

Passengers who travel all over the East Midlands will spend £8 less every week. The cost of a megariderconnect hasn’t been this low since 2016 when it was £33. Between 2016 and 2018 the cost for this ticket had increased by £5 per week.

This time last year in 2018, Stagecoach East Midlands told Lincoln Bus that “it is our usual practice to review our fares only once a year just before Easter. Our aim is always to offer the best value bus travel whilst ensuring that we are able to continue operating a stable bus network in the longer term. We do our absolute best to keep prices as low as possible”.

Since 2016, the cost of a dayrider has increased by 50p per day and for a megarider the increase since 2016 is £2.50 per week.