Simplibus by Stagecoach in Lincoln

Buses carrying the simplibus logo in Lincoln by Stagecoach

While travelling around Lincoln you may notice a scattering of buses carrying a familiar bus operator logo called Stagecoach. Near this logo on some buses is a byline that says “simplibus”. This is a program of bus services carried out by Stagecoach in the East Midlands.

Lincoln is another region in the East Midlands where Stagecoach run a program of bus services carrying the name “simplibus” which they say offers simple routes, numbers and times.

To get around Lincoln by bus you can find your bus timetable on the Lincoln Bus website.

Unlike other convoluted numbering systems this program of bus services is numbered 1 through to 20. There are other bus services in Lincoln by Stagecoach that don’t appear to be part of the simplibus program.

On some simpli bus buses there are USB charging ports that allow you to plug in your mobile device (such as a tablet or smart phone) and to charge the battery throughout your bus journey.