Lincoln to Skegness by bus

Fancy a seaside escape away from Lincoln to Skegness? Bring your buckets and spades, sandals, and sunscreen while we take care of your commute with this handy guide on getting the bus from Lincoln to Skegness.

Lincoln Bus Station to Skegness beach

Service 56 - the most frequent bus to Skegness

To begin your journey, wait by Stand L at the bus station in Lincoln and board the Service 56. The destination board on this bus should say “Horncastle” or “Skegness” or a combination of both.

A flow chart of the journey from Lincoln, then Horncastle, and then Skegness.

For the first leg of the journey the bus will make its way to Horncastle. Once it reaches Horncastle, stay on the bus as it changes its destination to be Skegness for the second leg of the journey.

The bus will finish its journey at Skegness bus station. It is then a 10-minute walk from the bus station to Skegness beach.

Recommended departures from Lincoln

To spend a full day in Skegness, these are the departure times we recommend you take (Monday to Saturday). For Sunday timings, see the full bus timetable. The average journey time from Lincoln Bus Station to Skegness by bus is 2 hours.

From Lincoln Arrival at Skegness
09:00 10:55
10:00 11:55
11:00 12:55

Timings are for illustrative purposes only, view the latest full bus timetable in case timings have changed since.

Getting to the beach from Skegness bus station

Once you've arrived in Skegness it is then just a 10 minute walk to the beach.

A satelite view of a map showing the route to walk from the Skegness bus station to the beach.
When the bus arrives at Skegness bus station, walk for 10 to 15 minutes to get to the beach.


Monday to Sunday
Live track Bus Stand L
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