Service PC16 Timetable

Monday to Friday - Inbound

Branston (Lincs) Community College Bus Park 15:50
Metheringham Railway Station 16:10
Woodhall Spa Came Court 16:25
Bucknall (Lincs) Foundry Road 16:26
Bucknall (Lincs) Oakwell Hall Farm 16:29
Tupholme Willow Farm 16:31
Southrey Village Lane End 16:33
Southrey High Thorpe Road 16:39
Bardney War Memorial 16:41
Bardney Wood Lane 16:42
Bardney Lea Grove 16:43
Bardney Young Wood 16:50
Short Ferry Tyrwhitt Arms 16:55
Fiskerton (Lincs) Tanya Knitwear Factory 16:55
Fiskerton (Lincs) Corn Close 16:56
Fiskerton (Lincs) The Crescent 16:57
Fiskerton (Lincs) St Clements Church 16:57
Fiskerton (Lincs) Plough Lane 17:00
Cherry Willingham Church Lane (South End) 17:02
Greetwell (Lincs) Stoneleigh House 17:04
Tower Estate Wickes 17:05

Monday to Friday - Outbound

Tower Estate Crofton Road 07:25
Tower Estate Wickes 07:27
Greetwell (Lincs) Stoneleigh House 07:30
Cherry Willingham Church Lane (South End) 07:32
Fiskerton (Lincs) Plough Lane 07:32
Fiskerton (Lincs) St Clements Church 07:33
Fiskerton (Lincs) The Crescent 07:33
Fiskerton (Lincs) Corn Close 07:34
Fiskerton (Lincs) Tanya Knitwear Factory 07:39
Short Ferry Tyrwhitt Arms 07:46
Bardney Young Wood 07:47
Bardney Lea Grove 07:49
Bardney Wood Lane 07:51
Bardney War Memorial 07:57
Southrey High Thorpe Road 07:59
Southrey Village Lane End 08:01
Tupholme Willow Farm 08:03
Bucknall (Lincs) Oakwell Hall Farm 08:04
Bucknall (Lincs) Foundry Road 08:19
Woodhall Spa Came Court 08:39
Metheringham Railway Station 08:49