570 Lincoln - Birchwood - North Hykeham
Operated by Stagecoach East Midlands

North Kesteven School bus park - Morrisons

Monday to Friday

North HykehamNorth Kesteven School bus park15:25
North HykehamRobert Pattinson School bus park15:29
North HykehamHamilton Road15:30
North HykehamGrace Avenue15:31
North HykehamWestminster Road15:33
LincolnSwanholme Tavern15:33
Doddington ParkFrome Close15:33
Doddington ParkAbingdon Avenue15:34
Doddington ParkWoodvale Avenue15:34
Doddington ParkBenson Crescent15:35
Doddington ParkKelstern Road15:35
Doddington ParkLeconfield Road15:35
Doddington ParkBlyton Road15:36
Doddington ParkGoodwood Way15:37
Birchwood EstateNeighbourhood Centre15:38
Birchwood EstateLarchwood Gardens15:38
Birchwood EstateLarchwood Crescent15:39
Birchwood EstateWoodfield Avenue15:40
Birchwood EstateBurghley Road15:40
Birchwood EstateStones Place15:43
HartsholmeAlmond Avenue15:44
HartsholmeCity School15:48
LincolnValentine Retail Park15:49

Morrisons - North Kesteven School bus park

Monday to Friday

LincolnValentine Retail Park07:48
HartsholmeCity School07:49
HartsholmeAlmond Avenue07:50
Birchwood EstateStones Place07:51
Birchwood EstateMeadowlake Close07:51
Birchwood EstateWoodfield Avenue07:53
Birchwood EstateLarchwood Gardens07:55
Birchwood EstateNeighbourhood Centre07:55
Doddington ParkGoodwood Way07:57
Doddington ParkLeconfield Road07:57
Doddington ParkKelstern Road07:58
Doddington ParkBenson Crescent07:59
Doddington ParkWoodvale Avenue08:00
Doddington ParkAbingdon Avenue08:01
Doddington ParkFrome Close08:01
LincolnSwanholme Tavern08:03
North HykehamWestminster Road08:06
North HykehamGrace Avenue08:07
North HykehamHamilton Road08:10
North HykehamRobert Pattinson School bus park08:25