548 Reepham - Lincoln Priory Academy LSST
Operated by Stagecoach East Midlands

Priory School Bus Park - Hawthorn Road

Monday to Friday

St.Catherine's/LincsPriory School Bus Park15:15
LincolnRipon Street15:22
LincolnLincoln Hotel15:23
LincolnMainwaring Road15:24
LincolnByron Avenue15:25
Ermine EastFootpath To Health Centre15:26
St. GilesBrowning Drive15:27
St. GilesCowper Drive15:28
St. GilesGoldsmith Walk15:29
Glebe ParkDunhelm15:29
Glebe ParkHawthorn Road15:31
North GreetwellService Station15:32
North GreetwellLodge Lane15:35
Reepham Kennel Lane15:36
Cherry WillinghamVillage Hall15:38
Cherry WillinghamThe Priory Pembroke Academy15:38
Cherry WillinghamEastcroft15:39
Cherry WillinghamThe Priory Pembroke Academy15:40
Cherry WillinghamHawthorn Avenue15:41

Hawthorn Avenue - Priory School Bus Park

Monday to Friday

Cherry WillinghamHawthorn Avenue07:09
Cherry WillinghamHawthorn Road07:13
Cherry WillinghamThe Priory Pembroke Academy07:14
Cherry WillinghamEastcroft07:14
Cherry WillinghamThe Priory Pembroke Academy07:15
Cherry WillinghamVillage Hall07:16
Reepham Kennel Lane07:20
North GreetwellLodge Lane07:20
North GreetwellWestfield Drv07:21
North GreetwellService Station07:23
Glebe ParkHawthorn Road07:25
Glebe ParkDunhelm07:25
St. GilesGoldsmith Walk07:26
St. GilesCowper Drive07:27
St. GilesBrowning Drive07:28
St. GilesOuter Circle Drive07:29
LincolnGeneva Avenue07:30
LincolnByron Avenue07:31
LincolnMainwaring Road07:33
LincolnLincoln Hotel07:36
LincolnTelephone Exchange07:40
LincolnRipon Street07:48
St.Catherine's/LincsSouth Common07:52