533 Lincoln South Circular
Operated by Stagecoach East Midlands

Central Bus Station - Central Bus Station

Monday to Friday

LincolnCentral Bus Station04:55
LincolnEast West Link Road04:57
LincolnThomas Cooper Church04:58
LincolnSt Peter At Gowt's Church04:58
LincolnSewell's Walk04:58
LincolnDixon Street04:59
LincolnGlenwood Grove04:59
LincolnBristol Drive05:00
LincolnSt Andrew's Drive05:00
LincolnMayfair Avenue05:00
LincolnJunction with Western Avenue05:01
LincolnNomad Charity Shop05:01
LincolnHarris Road05:02
Boultham MoorRound Shops05:02
Boultham MoorCrown & Arrows05:04
HartsholmeCity School05:05
HartsholmeAlmond Avenue05:06
Birchwood EstateStones Place05:07
Birchwood EstateMeadowlake Close05:07
Birchwood EstateWoodfield Avenue05:08
Birchwood EstateLarchwood Crescent05:08
Birchwood EstateElmwood Close05:08
Birchwood EstateWoodfield Close05:09
Birchwood EstateSalix Approach05:09
Birchwood EstateJasmin Road05:10
Birchwood EstateMildenhall Drive05:10
Birchwood EstateWentworth Way05:10
Birchwood EstateAberporth Drive05:10
Doddington ParkBrooklands Way05:11
Doddington ParkSilverstone Road05:11
Doddington ParkLeconfield Road05:12
Doddington ParkKelstern Road05:12
Doddington ParkWaltham Road05:12
Doddington ParkSadler Road05:13
Doddington ParkFrome Close05:14
LincolnSwanholme Tavern05:14
LincolnExchange Road05:15
LincolnClarke Road05:17
North HykehamWetherby Crescent05:17
North HykehamRowan Road05:17
North HykehamChatsworth Drive05:18
North HykehamAsda Goods Entrance05:18
North HykehamHealth Centre05:19
North HykehamBodmin Moor Close05:20
North HykehamSocial Club05:20
North HykehamThe Plough05:21
North HykehamEyam Way05:21
North HykehamBroadway05:22
North HykehamHighfield Terrace05:22
Hykeham RoadBaildon Crescent05:23
Hykeham RoadWallis Avenue05:24
Hykeham RoadRivermead Close05:24
Hykeham RoadGregg Hall Crescent05:25
Bracebridge The Plough05:26
Brant RoadAll Saints Church05:26
Brant RoadParker Avenue05:27
Brant RoadBroughton Gardens05:28
Brant RoadGlendon Close05:28
Brant RoadGlenarm Crescent05:28
Brant RoadFoyle Close05:29
Brant RoadBirkdale05:30
Brant RoadLarne Road05:30
Brant RoadCrows Nest05:30
Brant RoadChurch Centre05:31
Brant RoadChiltern Road05:31
Brant RoadBroughton Gardens05:32
Brant RoadParker Avenue05:32
Brant RoadAll Saints Church05:34
Bracebridge Ellison Street05:35
Bracebridge Manby Street05:36
Bracebridge Otter's Cottages05:37
St.Catherine's/LincsHamilton Road05:39
LincolnTealby Street05:40
LincolnRobey Street05:41
LincolnSewell's Walk05:42
LincolnSt Peter At Gowt's Church05:43
LincolnEast West Link Road05:50