510 Lincoln - Glebe Park - Welton
Operated by Stagecoach East Midlands

Central Bus Station - William Farr School Bus Park

Monday to Friday

LincolnCentral Bus Station07:43
LincolnSt Swithins's Church07:46
LincolnConstitutional Club07:51
LincolnLincoln Hotel07:51
LincolnMainwaring Road07:52
LincolnByron Avenue07:52
Ermine EastFootpath To Health Centre07:53
St. GilesBrowning Drive07:54
St. GilesCowper Drive07:54
St. GilesGoldsmith Walk07:55
Glebe ParkDunhelm07:57
LincolnSt Barnabas Hospice07:58
LincolnBlackfriars Road08:00
LincolnPadley Road08:00
LincolnCarlton Centre08:02
LincolnBishops Road08:03
Tower EstateWickes08:05
Greetwell Stoneleigh House08:09
Cherry WillinghamFiskerton Road08:10
Cherry WillinghamWaterford Lane08:11
Cherry WillinghamElm Avenue08:11
Cherry WillinghamGreen Lane08:12
Cherry WillinghamChurch Lane (North End)08:13
Cherry WillinghamThe Parade08:13
Cherry WillinghamEastcroft08:13
Cherry WillinghamThe Priory Pembroke Academy08:14
Cherry WillinghamVillage Hall08:15
Reepham Kennel Lane08:19
North GreetwellKennel Lane08:23
SudbrookeWragby Road East08:25
SudbrookeBeech Close08:27
SudbrookeWindsor Close08:30
ScothernMill Rise08:31
ScothernBottle & Glass08:32
ScothernScothern Nursery08:33
ScothernGlengariff House08:40

William Farr School Bus Park - Central Bus Station

Monday to Friday

Welton William Farr School Bus Park15:55
Welton William Farr School15:55
Welton Black Bull Inn15:56
Welton Village Hall15:56
Welton Dunholme Road15:57
DunholmeRoselea Avenue15:57
DunholmeAllwood Road15:58
DunholmeMainwaring Close15:58
DunholmeManor Way16:00
ScothernGlengariff House16:00
ScothernScothern Nursery16:01
ScothernBottle & Glass16:02
ScothernMill Rise16:02
ScothernPrimary School16:07
SudbrookeHolme Drive16:07
SudbrookeBeech Close16:09
SudbrookeWindsor Close16:09
SudbrookeBeech Close16:10
SudbrookeCherry Tree Cafe16:13
Reepham Kennel Lane16:13
Cherry WillinghamVillage Hall16:14
Cherry WillinghamThe Priory Pembroke Academy16:15
Cherry WillinghamThe Parade16:15
Cherry WillinghamChurch Lane (North End)16:15
Cherry WillinghamGreen Lane16:16
Cherry WillinghamElm Avenue16:16
Cherry WillinghamWaterford Lane16:17
Cherry WillinghamFiskerton Road16:19
Greetwell Stoneleigh House16:21
Tower EstateWickes16:21
Tower EstateFord Garage16:22
LincolnBishops Road16:23
LincolnCarlton Centre16:23
LincolnPadley Road16:24
LincolnStockings Way16:25
LincolnSt Barnabas Hospice16:25
LincolnHawthorn Chase16:26
Glebe ParkDunhelm16:27
St. GilesGoldsmith Walk16:28
St. GilesCowper Drive16:29
St. GilesBrowning Drive16:30
St. GilesOuter Circle Drive16:32
LincolnGeneva Avenue16:34
LincolnByron Avenue16:36
LincolnMainwaring Road16:38
LincolnLincoln Hotel16:42
LincolnTelephone Exchange16:43