354 Lincoln - Gainsborough
Operated by Stagecoach East Midlands

Queen Elizabeth High School - Central Bus Station

Monday to Friday

Gainsborough Queen Elizabeth High School15:45
Gainsborough The Cedars15:45
Gainsborough Connaught Road15:46
Gainsborough Surgery15:47
Gainsborough Hawthorn Avenue15:47
Gainsborough Lime Tree Avenue15:47
Gainsborough The Peacock15:48
Gainsborough Miller Road15:54
Corringham St Lawrence Church15:55
Corringham Methodist Church15:59
YawthorpeYawthorpe Lane End16:01
HarpswellHarpswell Grange16:05
HarpswellHill Top Lodge16:11
GlentworthChurch Street16:13
FillinghamVillage Lane End16:15
Ingham Bus Shelter16:16
Ingham Churchfield16:16
Ingham Surgery16:17
Ingham Sidney Chase16:18
CammeringhamSt Michael's Church16:21
BrattlebyBrattleby Hall16:22
AisthorpeLetter Box16:24
ScamptonJohn The Baptist's Church16:25
ScamptonVillage School16:28
North CarltonVillage Lane End16:30
South Carlton/LincsVillage Lane End16:33
Burton Post Office16:35
Ermine WestQueen Elizabeth Road16:36
Ermine WestHigson Road16:38
LincolnWingrave Street16:39
LincolnFilling Station16:41
Lincoln65 Yarborough Crescent16:43
LincolnBishop Grosseteste University16:44
LincolnRadio Lincolnshire16:48
LincolnLincoln Hotel16:52
LincolnTelephone Exchange16:53

Central Bus Station - Queen Elizabeth High School

Monday to Friday

LincolnCentral Bus Station07:25
LincolnLincoln Hotel07:28
LincolnRadio Lincolnshire07:29
Lincoln76 Yarborough Crescent07:31
LincolnWingrave Street07:32
Ermine WestHigson Road07:33
Ermine WestQueen Elizabeth Road07:35
Burton Post Office07:38
South Carlton/LincsVillage Lane End07:40
North CarltonVillage Lane End07:45
ScamptonVillage School07:45
ScamptonJohn The Baptist's Church07:46
AisthorpeLetter Box07:47
BrattlebyBrattleby Hall07:49
CammeringhamSt Michael's Church07:51
Ingham Sidney Chase07:51
Ingham Surgery07:52
Ingham Churchfield07:52
Ingham Bus Shelter07:54
FillinghamVillage Lane End07:57
GlentworthChurch Street08:03
HarpswellHill Top Lodge08:04
HarpswellHarpswell Grange08:05
YawthorpeYawthorpe Lane End08:08
Corringham Methodist Church08:08
Corringham St Lawrence Church08:19
Gainsborough Miller Road08:21
Gainsborough The Peacock08:21
Gainsborough Lime Tree Avenue08:22
Gainsborough Hawthorn Avenue08:24
Gainsborough Surgery08:25
Gainsborough Connaught Road08:26
Gainsborough The Cedars08:27