29 Bardney - Short Ferry - Lincoln
Operated by PC Coaches

Central Bus Station - Post Office

Monday to Friday

LincolnCentral Bus Station14:30
LincolnSt Swithins's Church14:34
LincolnCollege Of Art14:35
LincolnCheviot Street14:36
LincolnClarina Street14:37
LincolnLaceby Street14:38
LincolnHartley Street14:39
LincolnJellicoe Avenue14:40
Tower EstateCrofton Road14:40
Tower EstateWickes14:42
Greetwell Stoneleigh House14:43
Cherry WillinghamChurch Lane (South End)14:43
Cherry WillinghamLady Meers Road14:44
Fiskerton Plough Lane14:44
Fiskerton St Clements Church14:44
Fiskerton The Crescent14:45
Fiskerton Corn Close14:45
Fiskerton Tanya Knitwear Factory14:50
Short FerryTyrwhitt Arms14:54
BardneyField Lane14:55

Post Office - Central Bus Station

Monday to Friday

BardneyPost Office09:30
BardneyField Lane09:40
Short FerryTyrwhitt Arms09:45
Fiskerton Tanya Knitwear Factory09:45
Fiskerton Corn Close09:46
Fiskerton The Crescent09:46
Fiskerton St Clements Church09:47
Fiskerton Plough Lane09:50
Cherry WillinghamChurch Lane (South End)09:52
Greetwell Stoneleigh House09:54
Tower EstateWickes09:55
Tower EstateCrofton Road09:55
LincolnJellicoe Avenue09:55
LincolnHartley Street09:56
LincolnClarina Street09:56
LincolnCheviot Street09:58
LincolnTelephone Exchange09:59