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Freshers Guide to Catching the Bus in Lincoln

Welcome to University of Lincoln

Congratulations on securing a place at University of Lincoln. Throughout your journey in Lincoln you may like to travel by bus in and around the city. For students new to the city or international students new to this country, you may find this guide helpful.

Running the Buses

The people responsible for running the public bus services in Lincoln are shown in this diagram. An important distinction to note is that Lincoln Bus (this website that you are on now) is an independent service aiming to provide information. We (Lincoln Bus) do not operate or control bus services in Lincoln.

Lincolnshire County Council are overall in charge of running the bus services, it is their job to erect bus stops and create contracts with bus operators. They also issue concessionary bus passes. Bus operators (or bus companies) then deliver the contracts by running the buses. City of Lincoln Council own and are responsible for the bus station such as assigning bus stands to bus operators and handling issues or lost property at the bus station.

Bus Operators

The two main bus operators in Lincoln are Stagecoach and PC Coaches. Take a look at the Bus Operators in Lincoln.

Timetables and Services

For a list of all bus services in Lincoln, visit the timetables page where you can also view the bus stops and locations on each service.

Getting on the Bus and Tickets

It is recommended that upon waiting at your stop you should outstretch your arm to signal to an approaching bus that you would like to get on. This is especially important where bus stops serve many bus services.

Stagecoach run the majority of bus services in Lincoln. Below is a table of the most common tickets correct at the time of writing. Please get in touch with a bus operator prior to your journey to clarify ticket prices if you need to.

Ticket Description Price
Dayrider Unlimited travel all day on any Stagecoach bus within the Dayrider zone. £4.40
DayriderPlus Unlimited travel all day on any Stagecoach bus within the DayriderPlus zone. £6.00
Dayrider Family Unlimited travel for the family all day on any Stagecoach bus within the Dayrider zone for 2 adults and 3 children. £9.00
Megarider Unlimited travel all week on any Stagecoach bus within the Megarider zone. £13.00
MegariderPlus Unlimited travel all week on any Stagecoach bus within the MegariderPlus zone. £17.50
Megarider Connect Unlimited travel all week on any Stagecoach bus in the East Midlands. £38

Download the map to find out if your bus stops are within the zones. Take a look at the grey dotted lines on the map.

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets can be purchased in the following ways.

  • On any bus with cash.
  • On some Stagecoaches buses with a contactless credit or debit card (not all buses have this facility).
  • On all Stagecoach buses using their app.
  • On all Stagecoach buses using a SmartCard.

Bus Station

Lincoln Central Bus Station was built in 2018 to replace the existing station that had been there since 1970. It’s a modern building, 7 minute walk away from the University of Lincoln Minerva Building. The bus station building contains a café, waiting area and toilets.

Passengers are not permitted to be on the bus station yard (the area where buses pull into the station and park at a stand). Passengers must wait until the concourse doors located at each stand open before attempting to step onto a bus.

This map shows how to get from the University to the Bus Station. Map is not to scale.

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