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DialaRide is a charitable minibus service for the elderly or disabled running services on request from Monday to Saturday 08:30 until 16:15. Additionally services can be booked on Monday to Friday evenings from 18:40 until 21:45. If you are elderly or disabled you can book a DialaRide minibus for any purpose such as for going shopping and attending a doctor’s appointment.


You must live within 6 miles of the city centre otherwise you may be able to use the Voluntary Car Service (see below). Before you can book a DialaRide minibus you must register online or at their office. Registration involves DialaRide asking for information about your personal circumstances so that they can assess you as being eligible to use their services. Registration costs £10 and is collected annually by the 1st July. If you register between January and March the registration fee is £5.

Fares for the Minibus

Criteria Fare
First 2 miles £1.80
Each mile thereafter 80p

Making additional stops during your journey costs £0.50. Much longer distances need to be quoted by contacting DialaRide.

Fares for a Car

DilaRide operates a Voluntary Car Service for people outside the six mile catchment area.

Criteria Fare
First 8 miles £4.00
Each mile thereafter 55p

You will also be charged for the mileage incurred by the volunteer in travelling to and from your pick-up and drop-off point.

Making a Booking

To make a booking phone DialaRide or visit the office in person. DialaRide recommend giving them as much notice as possible for example you could give 7 days notice for a local trip.

Getting in Touch

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