Contacting CallConnect
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  • 0345 234 334
What are special services?
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Lincoln Bus defines a special service as one that offers unique benefits to passengers that aren't available on the majority of bus services. These services may also require particular tickets or a subscription that can't be purchased on other services.


In rural communities where there may not be a regular bus service or no service at all, CallConnect may be able to help. Similar to a taxi service you can make bookings over the phone or online and share a journey with other passengers heading in the same direction.

CallConnect also offer fixed-timetabled routes in addition to this mostly flexible service. CallConnect operate a ccross Lincolnshire and they have a fixed service near to Lincoln - the service Sleaford 62.

If you're not already a member, register for free.Alternativley you can register by phone: 01522 553143 or 0345 234 3344. Once you've registered you can now book a CallConnect bus online or by phone.

When your CallConnect minibus arrives you need to pay for your journey.If you have a concessionary pass you are eligible for free travel with CallConnect.If your concessionary pass is not from Lincolnshire you are still eligible for free travel but only after 09:30 on weekdays.If you don't have concessionary pass the price of your ticket will vary depending on the journey.

Children under 5 travel for free and children 5 to 15 travel for half the price of an adult fare.When you reach your destination you will be dropped off at a designated drop-off point