Wearing a face covering on the bus in Lincoln

Wearing a face covering helps slow the spread of coronavirus.

Wearing a face covering on the bus in Lincoln will be mandatory from the 15th June and will be a requirement to travel on the bus. The advice from the Government continues to be you should work from home if you can and avoid public transport where possible. The government expects most passengers will comply with this instruction but for those that do not could be refused travel or issued penalty fines.

Your face covering should cover your mouth and nose whilst being able to breathe comfortably. The idea is to stop transmission of coronavirus between bus passengers.

There will be exceptions to the rule to very young children, people with breathing difficulties and people whose disabilities makes it difficult for them to wear a face covering.

What should my face covering look like?

Face coverings are not the same as face masks and it is important that grade PPE masks are reserved for workers in clinical settings. Instead, face coverings can be made from scarfs, t-shirts, and other textile items.

You should wash your hands before putting on or taking off your face covering and you shouldn’t touch your face covering while wearing it. This is to avoid the transmission of the virus from your hands to your covering.

How can I make a face covering?

This government diagram demonstrates how to create your own face covering using materials in your home. You need a 50cm by 50cm cloth such as a bandana.

Fold the bandana in half and then fold the top and bottom thirds into the centre. Place elastic bands or hair ties on each end of the folded fabric 15cm apart. Fold each of the sides into the middle.

To wear your face covering stretch the bands over your ears and secure over your mouth and nose making sure you can still breath comfortably.

step by step guide to making a face covering with full steps written in text above this image.

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This article was written in good faith but please always check the official Government website for the latest and most accurate rules and advice. Rules and advice may change daily.