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What is this application?

Lincoln Bus is a web application created by myself, Jacob Ellis, a student at the University of Lincoln. This allows you to plan your bus journey in and around Lincoln. Lincoln is a cathedral city in the UK in the county of Lincolnshire. Visit my personal website at jacobellis.co.uk. Special thanks to Bryony Loveridge for designing the Lincoln Bus logo.


This is a not-for-profit tool provided free by myself, Jacob Ellis. This is not a commercial product which means there is a possibility that information here may be inaccurate. At the moment this tool should be used as a guide for bus arrival times. Every effort has been made to ensure the correct information is displayed to you however always check with your bus operator before starting your journey. There is no guarantee that information on this website including ‘departure time' is correct due to possible data inaccuracies, traffic congestion and other reasons. Lincoln Bus is not a bus company Lincoln Bus is a website created to simplify finding your next bus at your location in Lincoln. Lincoln Bus is not a bus company. Any comments in relation to the quality of service of your bus journey need to be made to the bus operator you were using. Find your bus operator.

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Get in touch with me for all enquires by email: hello@jacobellis.co.uk.

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